Civil Partnership

Civil Partnerships & The Law

In a civil partnership you and your partner have legal rights and responsibilities to each other. Upon registration of a civil partnership, same sex couples acquire many but not all of the legal rights and benefits currently enjoyed by married couples.

Should your relationship break down, the procedures for dissolving the civil partnership is closely based on the process of ending a marriage.

Our specialist family lawyers have extensive experience in the breakdown of civil partnerships and we can advise you on the law and procedures involved in dissolving the partnership especially if you have children or there are financial issues that need to be resolved.

It is vital that you take expert legal advice early on as it will save time, money and anxiety in the long run. Mistakes made now can end up being costly for years to come. Call us on 01234 711 701 for a discreet and friendly conversation about your circumstances. Alternatively, if you prefer to separate rather than dissolve the partnership, we can help you draw up a separation agreement which records the terms of the separation.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 came into effect on 29 March 2014 and provides that in existing legislation in England and Wales, reference to marriage, married couples, spouses etc will be read as including the marriage of a same sex couple.


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