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Even in these times of 'internet' and 'quickie' divorces it is paramount that if there are ļ¬nances or children involved, you at least take advice from a Family Law specialist at the outset.

A small cost at this stage will save time, money and anxiety in the long run. Its very easy to make a mistake on a DIY divorce that comes back to haunt you years down the line.

Parrish Family Law have been helping professional clients in Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford avoid those mistakes for over 20 years.

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Divorce - Legal Advice

If a marriage or partnership cannot be saved, then divorce or separation may be unavoidable. Parrish Family Law is committed to helping you deal with the sometimes difficult decisions you may have to make during this time, especially regarding your children.

People often thinking that 'divorce' deals with everything involved in the breakdown of a marriage, but divorce itself is only the process that ends the marriage. Other considerations such as children and financial matters are separate issues that you may need additional help with.

Irretrievable breakdown of a marriage is the only ground for divorce but there a number of different ways that divorce proceedings can be commenced. We know that every case is different so our professional advice and guidance will be tailored to your individual circumstances to help you through the Court process to the Decree Absolute that will finalise your marriage.

Separation - Legal Advice

You may decide that you do not want to divorce even though the marriage has broken down. If you choose to separate instead, Parrish Family Law can help you formalise matters by drawing up a mutually agreed document that lays out terms of the separation.

It is vital that you take expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity as it will save time, money and anxiety in the long run. Mistakes made now can end up being costly in years to come. Call us on 01234 711 701 for a discreet and friendly conversation about your circumstances.

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