FAQS Divorce and Separation

How do I choose a good divorce lawyer?

Besides asking for recommendations from your peer group it is also worth checking the following:

1.)    Are they are registered with the Law Society ?(see www.lawsociety.org.uk).
2.)    Do they have Professional Indemnity Insurance?
3.)    Are they members of Resolution? Divorce is such a specialist area of law that most divorce lawyers (about 6,000) are members. Resolution is a national group of lawyers who specialise in family law and abide by a Code of Practice to conduct such work in a non-confrontational manner.
4.)    Are they Accredited Specialist Family Lawyers? This means they specialise in family law.
5.)    Are they collaborative lawyers? This means they also offer an alternative forward thinking way of separating which is non-confrontational. To find both accredited family specialists and collaborative lawyers see www.resolution.org.uk.
6.)    Lastly, are they also a qualified Family Mediator? This shows whether the family law specialist is serious about offering all the options available to their clients.


Why should I use your services?

We are the leading Family Law specialists in North Buckinghamshire. Because we only practice Family Law you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your best interests are being looked after by experts with extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge of divorce, separation and family law proceedings. 


What areas do you specialise in?

Whilst we cover all aspects of Family Law, we are best placed to help clients with the financial aspects of separation. Our considerable expertise resolving financial issues includes the family home, business / partnership interests, trust funds, savings and investment portfolios, shares and substantive financial contributions like inheritances and redundancy.

In addition we are accredited specialist family lawyers, trained family mediators and collaborative lawyers.


What is the process involved?

We always start with a face-to-face initial consultation at our offices in Olney, Buckinghamshire. This is a free no-obligation session which enables us to get a good understanding of your situation and assess if we are best placed to help you. During this meeting we will outline the process depending on your particular circumstances and the expected costs.

Often clients find it useful to make a short list of questions they want to ask. See our useful guide to getting the most out of the initial meeting.


What geographical areas do you cover?

The majority of our divorce and separation clients come from Olney, Milton Keynes, Bedford and surrounding areas.


I do not live close to Olney. Can I still use your divorce services?

Yes if you are willing to travel to meet at the outset. We are able to accept instructions from anywhere in the world as long as the divorce is going to take place in England and Wales, and one of you is habitually resident in England and Wales.


When should we see you?

We suggest having an initial free consultation as early as possible in the process. Whilst there is information about family law and separation available on the internet, there is no substitute for talking to a qualified lawyer who can apply the relevant legal information to your particular situation. Good advice at the outset can save significant time and money throughout the process, and also help to reduce the stress often experienced during a process of separation.

Although do remember you cannot commence divorce proceedings until you have been married for one year.


How long will it take?

Whilst it does depend on your particular circumstances usually obtaining the divorce, if both parties agree the marriage has broken down, takes around 5 to 8 months. However, in practice most people will not apply for the Decree Absolute until financial matters have been resolved. The process can take longer if, for example, one party does not cooperate.

If matters can be agreed then it may be possible for a Consent Order to be drawn up and approved by the court within the initial 6 month period. If Court proceedings have to be issued then it will take normally no longer than a year for financial issues to be resolved


How much will it cost?

When we have the initial consultation and can better understand your particular circumstances we will be able to give you an indication of cost. Full details of our charging structure together with an estimate of how much the case is likely to cost is provided in advance in our retainer letter.

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