Meeting Checklist

Preparing for your Initial Consultation

Here is a handy checklist to help make your initial consultation go smoothly.  

When we speak to you on the phone we will ask for the following details from you: your name, address, age, partner’s name and a brief overview of your requirements. FYI we use this information in part to book your appointment and in part to do a check to ensure there is no conflict of interest (i.e. we are not already in discussion with your partner or spouse).

Also please note to ensure discretion we do not automatically contact you to either confirm the initial meeting or to follow up after we have met so please do let us know when we first speak to you if you are happy for us to send you a confirmation and / or follow up email. 

In advance of the meeting we suggest

  1. To start you make a short list of questions you want to ask during the meeting. It can be stressful talking about your situation and we find a short list is a useful prompt ensuring all the main points are covered. Also do feel free to take notes in the meeting.
  2. Bring 2 forms of ID - one with a photograph and one with a current address on it – could be a council tax bill, utility invoice, bank statement etc which must not be older than 3 months old.

There is no time constraint for the initial free consultation, it really does depend on your situation.

On completion of the meeting if you are not ready to move forward or you need time to consider your options, there will be no pressure from us and to ensure discretion we will not contact you, instead we leave the ball in your court to make the next step.


Peace of Mind

However if you are ready to move forward and would like us to act on your behalf, we schedule a briefing meeting at your convenience to agree a plan of action. We will also let you know our charges and terms of business. We do ask for payment in advance. We will also send you relevant fact sheets which you may find helpful. The process is smoother if at the outset we receive clear instruction (including any important time limits) and are provided with all the relevant information and documentation. Here is a list of information that we may request depending on your circumstances:  

  1. Name, address, phone, contact details and date of birth of you and your spouse.
  2. The names, dates of birth of your children and details of their schools. (Include details of any children in your home who are not children from this marriage.)
  3. Your marriage certificate. If this has been lost, we can explain how to obtain a copy.
  4. Details about any employment you (and your spouse) has.
  5. An estimate of the value of your property/properties and mortgages/loans secured together with details of the lender/s.
  6. Details of any other assets including pensions, stock holdings, collections etc.
  7. A list your debts if you have any and include credit and store card details.
  8. Provide a rough estimate of your current outgoings as this can be useful in helping us understand your current situation and lifestyle.
  9. If you have already separated, details of the date and circumstances.
    Also include copies of any correspondence received.
  10. If you (or your spouse) have been married before, try to provide details about the divorce and any court orders made.
  11. Brief details of anything else you may think relevant for example: medical conditions in the family, do you have a new relationship?

You must be honest with us or the advice given could be incorrect.

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