We Support ‘Good Divorce’ Week

At Parrish Family Law we support ‘Good Divorce Week’.  An awareness-raising campaign by Resolution that aims to help parents minimise the impact of conflict on their children during the separation or divorce process.

The campaign offers practical help, highlighting ways for separating parents to put their children’s needs first, as well as calling on government to urgently remove blame from the current fault-based divorce system.

Resolution have made a number of resources available to both parents and practitioners to help them.  These are available at www.resolution.org.uk/GoodDivorceWeek. 
As Resolution members, we committed to reducing conflict and working in a non-confrontational way to resolve family problems that puts the best interests of children first. 

No Fault Divorce

At present to obtain a divorce, unless a couple have already been separated for 2 years and they both agree that there should be a divorce, or they have been separated for 5 years or more, they can only obtain a divorce by one blaming the other.  Either by alleging adultery on the part of the other person, or by suggesting that they have ‘behaved unreasonably’.
We believe that requiring parties to show fault can unnecessarily increase conflict between the couple and make it more difficult to resolve child and financial arrangements.  No fault divorce is urgently needed to reduce acrimony for separating couples and help protect the long-term interests of children.

A recent Resolution poll shows that an overwhelming 79% of the public would support measures that would remove blame from the divorce process, with 71% believing change is urgently needed to reduce the negative impact on children.

Earlier this year, the government, finally accepted that reform was needed, and announced a consultation of divorce law reform which closes on 10 December 2018.  We wait to see the outcome from this and whether necessary reforms will be made.

To discuss any elements raised in this article please do contact us.

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