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Here is our thinking on recent family news and issues, and how these might impact you.

Mother’s Day generally means a day for Mothers to be put first, to receive cards and presents, be taken out to lunch and generally pampered by the family. 

We are all getting younger.  50 is the new 40 and so on. 

School Holidays and Separating

The children are hardly back at school before you have to think about holidays and child care. 

We are delighted to once again have supported Family Dispute Resolution Week which launched on the 23 November 2015. This year the campaign from Resolution focussed on putting children first during a relationship breakdown - something we feel strongly about. Find out more here.

The Supreme Court has this morning, handed down their judgment in the cases of Sharland and Gohil.  In both cases, former wives were seeking to re-open their divorce settlements because their ex-husbands hid the true extent of their wealth when agreement was made.