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Grandparents rights after Divorce UK

We are often asked what grandparents rights are when a relationship breaks down and parents’ divorce.

Divorce Finances Milton Keynes

The emotional upheaval of a split can affect the financial decisions being made during the divorce process. Even those that start the process amicably all too often see these good intentions go out the window and finances becoming a major sticking point.


In the UK we typically see a surge in divorce enquiries in January.  Either because the extra pressure of Christmas has deepened relationship cracks to breaking point, or because couples choose to delay the difficult decision to break up until the New Year - usually for the sake of children and family.


This year Resolution, a national group of 3,500 family lawyers who believe in resolving family disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational manner, have focussed their annual awareness week on cohabitation, an area in where little legal progress has been made and we believe that needs to change to better reflect the modern family.

In February 2017, the Court of Appeal’s decision in the Mills v Mills case to increase the ex-wife’s spousal maintenance payments 15 years after the divorce came as a bit of a surprise for family lawyers.